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Currently in Washington DC

Currently in Washington DC — August 9, 2022

The weather, currently.

Air thick with extreme humid heat— PM flood/storm chances
Climate Central showing high heat across DC, the east coast, & the US expected 8/9/2022


Tuesday is both hot and humid— again.

A new day in the era of Both-And.

Where heat blends both sun and clouds in morning.

Where we can both find gains and be opened

to the harm in both the warmth and the storm

chances— both isolated and heavy

rainfall possible, DC's late-day forecast warns.

Eve-commutes could be both wet and sweaty.

It’s that idiom - on both blessings and curses,

like binding both offshore wind and pipelines,

which belies– who gets blessed? who emerges?

who gets cursed? Folks historically sidelined

get sacrificed for Both-And ripples in puddles,

but for a just transition– for this we must never settle.‌

Adam Powers

What you need to know, currently.

We have a story up today by Anna Abraham on the historic drought sweeping East Africa:

“For the fourth consecutive time, the rainy season has failed in East Africa and is likely to fail yet again in the short rains period from October to December this year,” writes Abraham.

“The locust infestation that swept across the Horn of Africa in 2020 added to the food crisis. Over 20 million people are reeling from the effects of the drought, with many areas on the brink of localized famine. Over 1.8 million children are facing life-threatening malnutrition. To make matters worse, food prices are soaring due to global inflation.”

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